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9 Reasons Why You Should Live in China Once in Your Life!

Did you ever wonder why people choose to move and live in China? Aside from a fast-growing economy, there are

Did you ever wonder why people choose to move and live in China? Aside from a fast-growing economy, there are several reasons to live in China. There are so many reasons why everyone should live and work in China once in their life. Whatever triggers you are thinking about making the big step forward, we can assure you between those stereotypes of high skyscrapers, crowded places, and pollution; China has way more to offer. This article will give you some reasons why so many Waiguoren (as the local Chinese would say) enjoy their life in China.

#1- Awesome Delicacies: It’s all about the food!

Thinking about Chinese food, you will probably remember your Chinese fast-food restaurant 500 meters from your apartment away—chicken sweet-sour or spicy with rice, when Chinese cuisine is so much more than that. Due to the country’s diversity and size, you cannot describe Chinese food with one typical dish. Every region in China comes with different tastes from sweet, sour, spicy; Seafood to meat; noodles to rice. If you don’t like Chinese food now, we can assure you that you will soon! Also, for food lovers, China is the perfect place to experience extraordinary flavors, unfamiliar ingredients, and practices to prepare those dishes.

Live in china and get the best food ever

To sum it up Chinese food is extremely diverse and delicious. Most strikingly, prices are also more than affordable compared to the cost of food in the west.

#2: Money won’t be a problem! If You Live in China

All though China’s living costs are cheaper compared to the ones in big cities of the West, it is worth a treat of a lifetime. We already mentioned dining out is not very pricy, but this also applies to groceries, electricity, gas, phone bills, and rent. That is to say, and taxi costs differ a lot to the West, it is almost shocking how much less you have to pay driving through half of Beijing. As a foreign specialized worker, many earn wages above the Chinese average, so paying living expenses are no problem for most foreigners.
Of course, living expenses also differ throughout China; living in Shanghai will be more expensive than living in Suzhou; however, you can still live a comfortable life anywhere in China without worrying about your next bill.

#3: Safty Assured = Happy life!

Unlike the reputation of big cities, those bigger cities in China are incredibly safe. Serious crimes seem to occur too few, while petty crimes are also definitely not a common issue. Although some pickpocketing may happen in crowded places, it is nothing more than bad luck if it ever happened to you. By taking care of your belongings around scenic spots with many people, your things should be safe by your side.
So, no foreigner will be in danger while visiting or working in China, as long as you don’t break the law.

#4: China as a central travel hub to all countries in Asia!

A weekend in Tokyo? Diving week in Thailand? No problem if you live in China! Because the Big cities are well connected to other countries through their airports, all you need is a plan. That is why weekend get-aways or short trips to the beach are very popular with foreigners in China. Flights from Beijing, for instance, are way cheaper than the ones from Europe or America. Additionally, flight times are shorter, too.

airport 3511342 1920

Thus, living in China can be an excellent opportunity to get to know many Asian countries and their culture, which can be another compelling reason to live in China!

#5: Friendly People Everywhere!

China is also a great spot for everyone who wants to make new friends, foreign and local Chinese. The Chinese nation is, in general, very friendly and helpful! Even if your Chinese is terrible, locals always try to help you through daily life. In general, Chinese people are a bit shy if you want to get to know them but getting over that point is worth it.
Furthermore, living in big cities in China makes it super easy to meet another foreigner from several countries. There are many secret spots where foreigners gather regularly or even get-together events and communities, which you can join.

#6: Opportunities, over opportunities!

May it because of the economic boom or opening up, China has many opportunities for foreigners. Agencies keep an eye on the market continuously; job offers are posted daily; it may even happen that you get an offer walking down the street.
In big Chinese cities, you can feel the growth and development every day, building up more opportunities you only have to grab them.

#7: Live in a totally unknown culture!

Some people say they got a culture shock arriving in China. It is a fact that no matter where you are from, China will undoubtedly be different.

live in china, explore the culture

However, this doesn’t mean it is a bad thing. Experiencing new cultures and understanding the local people will broaden your view and help you gain real international experience. There are hundreds of things that differ from Europe’s lifestyle, from people walking their pet bird in a bag to toddlers walking around. The cultural shock is real, but after a while, you get used to it. Who knows, maybe you even adapt to some standard practices in China.

#7: Between impressive landscapes, history and UNESCO World Heritages.

You can find anything between big cities, peaceful villages, breathtaking landscapes, and scenic spots with an exciting history in China. It’s a must to make use of your time in China and travel through the provinces. There are places you may never have considered China has.

explore while living in china

If you want to dig deeper into China’s history, you should stay in Beijing for some time. Here, modern culture and living built a stark contrast to all the fantastic historical, scenic spots inside and around the city.
Minorities, Rice Terrasses, Avatar-Mountains, Ice festivals – the diversity in China is immense, and you may explore new things in every village or city you stop by.

#8: Living in China Makes you Feel like a superstar 🙂

Do you want to feel like a star once in your life? Come to China! You may wonder why I asked but its real. Although more and more foreigners live in China, some local Chinese still enjoy taking selfies with you. It’s not the norm in bigger cities; however, while traveling or during your tour through China, you can attract the local’s attention. However, it would be best if you did not worry about that. As mentioned above, the Chinese population is very friendly but just a bit curious. 

There are so many more reasons for living in China should be your priority. Are you ready to make the step? Reach out to us to find out more about living and working in China or finding those job opportunities or Internships.

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