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Why we stand out

Powerful Matching Technology

Our AI analyzes millions of data points to find the best matches for your roles—and invites them to apply.

Enhanced Network of Job Seekers

Your job ads reach over 30M candidates a month via email, web, and our #1 rated job search app.

Data-Driven Strategies

Dedicated specialists help you develop a successful hiring strategy and manage your spend using real-time data.

Customized Solutions

Plans can be tailored to subscription or pay-for-performance. We also integrate with your ATS for a seamless hiring experience.

How It Works

Let’s Get Started

Meeting Our Recruiting Consultants

Your dedicated team of oriental Career recruiting experts will work with you to develop a strategy combination that meets your goals. Search Job applicant profile reviews resumes and chat them instantly

Start Getting Qualified Applicants

Your corporate profile is set, Jobs created and all packages executed and you will start receiving qualified applicants within days. There is no wait, you also start speaking with candidates same day your profile is activated

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Targeted Niche & Quality Sourcing

Reach Oriental Career’s user base of over 10M candidates

Our database connects Alumni of over 4000 Universities and other partner channels. Your jobs get seen by millions with thousands of applications. You can also target a specific group of people

Smart and Quick Recruitment

Our Search system targets talents based on the location, major, experience, availability, university, age, gender and so much more specific self-reported data. Proactively message and engage talents to apply to relevant job opportunities.

Marketing & Branding

Tell your story to drive application

Oriental Career’s Branding experts will work with you to create an employer brand strategy that tells the right story. Stories and Corporate Culture insights are essential to entice great talents. Our in-house staff creates and distributes custom videos, questionnaires, articles, and Campus branding to get your brand in front of the right candidates.

Targeted Events

Oriental Career Organizes several events every year! Both at local universities in China and also our partner universities in Europe, Australia, and Northern America. We connect with graduating students and Alumni. These events brand your organization to reinforce your brand strength and increase application. Our events increase applications by 300x

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Applicant Screening

Get the qualified candidates—only

We use your job requirements to speedily screen every applicant and guarantee a response within a matter of days—without you doing it yourself!

Receive qualified and prepared candidates

Our recruiting specialists will conduct the initial round of phone screening using qualifying questions you provide to determine culture fit, technical skills, and Soft skills.

Reliable Analytics

Get insights into how candidates move through your funnel—and how they interact with your listings and profiles

Our analytics provide real-time reporting across your recruiting funnel and you can see candidate engagement and drop off

Make decisions based on real Data

Our dashboards allow you to deeply understand your recruiting funnel, strategies that are working, job roles that work best at every stage so you can spend more time on what works for your organization

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What Our clients Say

Oriental Career brings a real commitment to the table when it comes to recruiting international talents. Very efficient recruitment process backed by support.

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Ziran Li

HR Director

Oriental Career helps us recruit entry-level and interns every year. They keep our talent pipeline warmed up all time. I will recommend their service to any organization out there

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Danniel O.

Project Manager

Our operations in China needed an urgent slot and these guys were there for us. The opportunity to recruit Chinese and International talents on a single platform is as good as it sounds

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Adam Yereo

APAC Regional Manager

I will recommend Oriental Career to Any HR who needs deep support and quality leads for their recruitment.

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Coco Zhu

Head of Operations

Top Tools for Smart Hiring

Real Recruitment Plus

You post jobs, create a profile, brand your company, review resumes, keep your up with data on your dashboard.

Screening With Questions

Target your job posts to only qualifies applicants by adding Screening questions on all listings. It saves times and improves the hiring process

Oriental Career in your Pockets - Mobile-Friendly

Take our hiring solutions with you everywhere you go! Keep up with inquiries and screening process without lifting your finger. Plus, you can chat applicants on the go!

Excellent Support from Us

So you need help figuring out how to optimize your applications and strategy? Nothing is too much to ask. Reach out through our call lines, email or even chat the team on our website.