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Branded Company Profiles that Tell Your Story

Qualified talents want to work in an environment that nurtures their skills and offers the right career progression. Your profile will tell a story of the culture and impact you are making at your company



We have worked with top brands to help them recruit for entry-level roles. There are top Talents out there, we help you find them

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Connecting outstanding people with the world’s most
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    One size does not fit all, We want to know your goals and work together
    01 Speak with our Experts.

    Storytelling has positioned Oriental Career as one of the topmost visited career portals for talents. We understand how to position your brand to attract top applicants. Our staff will assist you to put together an attractive profile based on your target persona

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    Execution and Delivery with Precision
    02 Create Content for Your Profile

    By using the right tone language and words, your profile will attract the right applicants. We will review and make changes to ensure they read well and communicating the intended message. You just sit back and watch applications come through

  • Office Setting
    Team Pictures
    New Projects
    03 Set Up Your Gallery

    We made space for you to share how elegant your office is and the facilities available. Team pictures are also allowed for posting. This gives applicants a fair idea of what every day looks like in your office

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    04 Iteration and Growth

    You are all set, you sit back and run the show. Our team provides ongoing support throughout the campaign. We collect applications and do all the heavy lifting and backend tasks to ensure your profile gets 10x more exposure to the right people. We promote on top university campuses, social media, over 300+ platforms

New Approach to Hiring Top Telents

“In an era when only 12% of candidates put trust in what employers say about themselves, companies must increasingly rely on their employees to be their spokespeople on the employee experience.” – Harvard Business Review


Helping Companies tell a compelling to attract great talents


At a single click, Employers can sponsor their profiles to increase exposure. You can boost your listing to be on top of all search pages and your profile will come before any other employer. Just as listings, Companies could send employer branded emails to our database. The tone used in these emails intend to fill your recruitment pipelines with applicants

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Videos and Staff Profile.

Companies are encouraged to create videos introducing their companies. We accept videos already posted on other video channels. This brings a warm feeling and applicants will know you are real. Our content team are able to help employers put together story a line. We also accept interviews of existing employees

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You need to hire quality talent.

Connect with Our Consultants Over 5 years Experience in Brandind Companies

Because you need a story that resonates with candidates.


    Connect with applicants at a deeper level than ever before to boost trust

    Share what you’re all about.

    Job seekers want more than just a paycheck. They want to work for a company whose mission they identify with and a culture that aligns with their values. Leverage the opportunity to tell job seekers what your company stands for so they’re more likely to apply. Integrate your social media feeds directly on your company profile page to give job seekers a window into what your company is all about.

    Expand your reach.

    With a company profile, you can showcase all of your jobs in one place so job seekers can see what other opportunities might be applicable to them or a colleague or friend. You can also share the link to your company profile with your employees so they can share it and encourage people across their personal networks to apply.

    Connect with Job Seekers.

    Job seekers are interested in being part of a mission, or organizations that make great impacts. Salaries, great working environments, and perks are not enough to induce the interests of top talents. There is no other way to connect with these top talents without telling a story. Your brand message, social impact, and essential in this journey. We give you the platform to brand your organization and appeal to entry-level applicants and mid-level executives. You also get a solid presence on our campus campaigns



    Our Passion is Connecting outstanding companies with Top Talents
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    Layla Cohen

    Digital Marketing Intern

    I interned in China through CIP and Oriental Career. These guys understand what it takes to get the best of experience abroad. I will recommend them to all international students

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    Will B.

    Engineering Internship

    I will state unequivocally that CIP operates a quality program! They were there for me throughout my stay and their field support is awesome. Try them


    Buki Jones

    Legal Internship

    I joined CIP and Oriental Career for my summer Internship and it was one of the best moments. Our group from Leicester University always rank the Team high above other platforms

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    Kayla Reyes

    Graphic Design Intern

    You can't beat the quality of internships Oriental career has to offer. They have changed the face of China Internships and we are pleased it's now affordable to all. Lets Support them!



    A better career is out there. We'll help you find it. We're your first step to becoming everything you want to be.


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