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You have a Personal brand. Here’s how to manage it

Entering my name into Google brings up a lot of information. You’ll likely see my LinkedIn profile at the top, followe

How to Diversify Your Professional Network

Because Your Connections Shouldn’t All Be Just Like You, you need to diversify your connection base. Be honest: Do all

5 Steps to Take if You’re Unhappy in Your Job Right Now

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Transferable Skills: The Key to Landing Your Dream Job

For many people, making a career switch might feel like you’re starting over from scratch. But that’s not true: You

7 Elements of a Positive Company Culture

In today’s world, job seekers must understand the company culture before even filling out an application. Each com

Complete Guide of Assessment Center Processes

What is an Assessment Center? An assessment center is a very common tool used in the recruiting process. It’s very

How to Get Job Search Ready – Our Ultimate Checklist

Are you a fresh graduate, a student looking for an internship or just checking out for new challenges? It is your time n

The Secrets of Networking – The Rules and Guides

Networking: It’s almost cliche that “to succeed in your career, you need a strong network”.

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    How to Negotiate your Salary in China

    In any job that you accept, you want to make sure that you are getting paid your worth. Something that...

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    How to Network in China as a Foreigner

    In China knowing the right people could catapult your career into areas you didn’t know existed. Building a network or...

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    Find Jobs in China after Graduation

    I know a lot of international students who have spent several years in china and are finally graduating. As a...

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    Best places to visit while working in China

    With the largest population in the world, coming in at a little bit over 1.4 billion people, The Peoples Republic...

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    Work Visa in China for foreigners

    If you are a foreigner interested in developing a career in China, you will need a work visa in China...

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    Customize your CV for Job applications in China

    If you’re looking to stand out in the job market in China, you need to customize your CV for job...