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Get The Complete Picture,

Understand who you truly are.

Designed by Career Experts, the tool is a professional, research backed, assessment career exploration tools that will help you discover the type of work activities and occupations that fits you.

discover strengths

Discover Your Strength and Weakness

Get personalized course recommendations up skill yourself
Explore careers that match your personality, your strengths, and your interests
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Understand what's Best for You

We Create Unique, Short, simple & Scientific Profilers

Join thousands across the globe who use Oriental Career’s free personality test to find a job or career that matches their personality and interests.

Our Psychometric Tests

Career Interest Profiler, With Guidance and Support
Career Interest Profiler
Work Importance Locator
Personality Profiler
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Cultural Preference
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Career Preparedness

We Provide Real Career Solutions

Benefits of Taking Our Free Career Profiler

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Know thy Self

The Test helps yu to pay attention to areas you have been ignoring

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Identify what resonates

To be successful in your career, you need to know what works for you as an individual

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Smoother Growth

Know that you know who you are, its time to soar and focus on what matters - Save time

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Improved Confidence

You will know your strength and pursue interests that bring you joy

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Tailored Career Process

You can then design a personalized path thats unique and true to you

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Meet the Right People

You meet people on our platform willing to help grow your career

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Senior Coach

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Dynamic Mentor

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