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A New Approach to Job Search

We are changing how people find jobs and eliminating the hassle. With all the tech solutions, support services, and personalized concierge teams, job seekers are one step ahead. Our integrated Coaches and peer support are vital.

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How Oriental Career Can help

Oriental Career is more than just a job board. We provide a Comprehensive Service backed by a vibrant community of Career Experts and Senior Executives.

Career Coaching

Our career consultants are available to advise you on job opportunities in China that are a right fit for you, based on your skills and qualifications, desired salary, and lifestyle interests.

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Job Search

Create your profile on the Oriental career platform and get assistance and support from our team. You can search vacancies based on your preference and apply to many as possible. You can also communicate with companies using the chat function or send them an inquiry.

Profile Promotion

Do you know thousands of our partner employers registered on our platform are able to review resumes and profiles? Well, now you know! This service features your profile on top and also features you on some important pages. Applicants with this service gets invited by many HRs to jobs and their success rates are higher


Job Matching

This is a guaranteed job placement! Oriental career can recommend job opportunities for you based on your profile, career expectations and match you to job opportunities. We will reshape your profile, and then secure interviews for you, coach you to excel

Interview Preparation

To many the thought of being interviewed sends chill down their spine. We are here for you! When it comes to interviewing for a job in China, there is a whole new strategy and approach. Your western understanding will need a little reshape. We help you prepare, nail it and secure that job

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Resume Services

Our unique combination of expert writers and technology ensure results,  your resume is written to ensure you stand out from the competition. Scanned with ATS technology to ensure passage, we have writers for all industries and experience levels. Your profile gets 2-3 x more interviews after we complete editing your resume.

Settlement in China

We understand moving to China is exciting, but also a little nerve-wracking! Our team can assist with making arrangements that will help with your transition into China. Things like arranging for airport pick-up, and providing assistance with apartment rentals, bank accounts and setting up your phone.

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Visa Services

Obtaining a proper work visa in China can seem daunting, but that’s why we are here to help. The Career China visa team is happy to walk you through the process, as well as providing you with checklists and sample documents, to ease your visa worries.

Your 4 steps to Getting a Job in China

Upload your resume and let us do the searching for you

It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s one click closer to that job

Get matched to personalized Jobs

Using the latest A.I. matching technology we’ll match your skills with suitable roles from leading companies

Apply and deal with employers direct

Chat directly with the employer and get feedback on where your application is at every step

Arrange interviews with our support team

Get interview requests, help and guidance from the support team when you need it to secure the job


A better career is out there. We'll help you find it. We're your first step to becoming everything you want to be.


Get matched to leading companies

We combine services and technology to help you land a job that you love in China drea

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