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Our coaches are topic experts who provides guidance to a client on their goals and helps them reach their full potential. Both mentoring and coaching have a range of benefits, because at a point, we are all vulnerable to information asymmetry. Most susceptible instances are transitioning to the work environment, Changing career or a stagnated Career.  With your help, we can support thousands of professionals in need of your skill sets. Imagine being part of the success below:
You Helped your mentee navigate Job Search phase and aced an interview for a Dream Job
Put a Smile on the Face of that vulnerable career Changer who is not sure where to turn for help
You Helped a Manager navigate their leadership hurdles to increase productivity and drive motivation.
Supported a Mentee to master the art of lifelong learning to grow their career
Be the one who Supported that aspiring entrepreneur to execute impact driven ideas for social good
Now you can stop imagining and Signup to become a Mentor on Oriental career.
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✓ Apply to be a coach

Complete your personal, professional & educational profile & apply

✓ Get On boarded

We will get on a 30 min call with you to verify your profile and get you on boarded

✓ Mentor, Coach & Monetize

Deliver workshops, 1:1 Mentorships, inspire the next generation & optionally monetize your exclusive services


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Curious & Active Mentees


Successful Mentorship Experiences


Domains & Skills Covered


This world needs mentors like you, now more than ever because you care about giving back and manking impact on others. Join Oriental Career & become a catalyst in driving the world’s youth to success. Become a thought leader and a Hero.


Set your schedule

You decide how many hours you coach and when you’re available. Our simple scheduling process gives you all the flexibility.

Attract the right clients

Setup your profile to work with clients who need your specific expertise. Highlight your achievements and skill-sets so clients choose you. Our profile design makes it easy for you to put your best foot forward.

No hardcore sales and marketing

We do the heavy lifting to attract new clients so you can do what you do best – coaching.

Join a community of coaches

Coaching can be lonely sometimes. At Placement, work alongside a community of coaches. We provide you access to share, learn and grow with others.

Coaching enabled with technology (Coming Soon)

You will have more visibility into the progress of your clients. We’ve built the tools for you to communicate and guide all in one place.


Fill the form and our team will be in touch to initiate a conversation and subsequently the onboarding process

Rebecca Quentin
Rebecca Quentin

Just left us a 5 star review

Rebecca Quentin

December 27, 2021

Get ready for it, these coaches will blow your mind with a modern approach to job search and personal development. I had value for money and was worth the time

Theresa Wayne

December 27, 2021

I will recommend career coaching to all young graduates and those changing careers because it is helpful and saves you the stress of figuring things out all by yourself.

Yuefeng Zhao

December 27, 2021

A great Mix

After Studying Abroad in the UK, I need to understand how to navigate a career in the finance field. Emily was my trusted coach and she assisted me to craft a compelling strategy. Also find the Job board useful with loads of opportunities

Calvin Taj

December 27, 2021

Excellent Coaching Support

Graduating from university, I had so much doubt about the way forward. I knew I needed help but i never knew coaching could restore so much confidence and clarity. I will recommend this service to job seekers

Kayla Reyes

December 27, 2021

They Helped my Job Search

You can't beat the quality of Job search Solutions Oriental Career has to offer. They have changed the face of Career Development and Personal Growth. Shortening my job search cycle with their coaching program are helping connect me with the tools I need to scale my reach.

Buki Jones

December 27, 2021

My International Internship Experience

I joined CIP and Oriental Career for my summer Internship in Asia and it was one of the best moments. Our group from Leicester University always rank the Team high above other platforms. If you want to gain a solid international experience, this is one of the finest

Will Boris

December 27, 2021

I tried Their Job Search Coaching Program

I will state unequivocally that Oriental Career operates a quality program! They were there for me throughout my Job search days and their support is awesome. Try them

Layla Cohen

December 27, 2021

A time Well Spent

I interned in China through CIP and Oriental Career. These guys understand what it takes to get the best of experience abroad. I will recommend them to all international students

Rajan Singh

December 22, 2021

I visit oriental career at least 2x per week

I visit oriental career at least 2x per week as I am actively searching for Job. I like their resources and the support they offer early-stage job seekers

Joshua Timbers

December 21, 2021

Always working on improvements, more functionality, and paying attention to the experience side.

I haven't had one bad experience or problem with Oriental Career and their team always available for any support or questions. The other great thing is they are always working on improvements, more functionality, and paying attention to the experience side. I have also tested other platforms, and other variations and none are as reliable. I am sure there is room for improving the user journey but its working so far

Zhan Robert

December 21, 2021

They have simplified the entire job search

I studied abroad for 4 years and before returning to China, I found the Oriental Career through a friend. They have simplified the entire job search and made it easier to cut through the information overload. I had the pleasure to enjoy free resume review and it was helpful in landing some great interviews

Onnan Ors

December 21, 2021

I am loving it so far

I have been an Oriental Career User for the past 6 months and I like the rate at which they post fresh jobs in all aspects. My first ever internship was through their platform and I am loving it so far

Charity C.

December 21, 2021

Pleasure of working with the team

As a creator, I thrive on how quick to recruit talents for full time and internships. I had the pleasure of working with the team at Oriental Career and I found them most suitable to my needs. I received over 60 applications in a day! and hired within a week

Ahmed D.

December 21, 2021

I encourage all students to consider them

Oriental Career is a nice website when it comes to searching for careers and finding job opportunities for young people. I encourage all students to consider them

Oliver J.

December 21, 2021

Outstanding job board platform

I would have written this review sooner but having tried and tested a number of other platforms over the past couple of years I wanted to put their Service through a full evaluation period. Having used Jobboard.io for several months now I am more than happy to provide this review and personal recommendation.

Elim Sonar

December 20, 2021

Combining job search and career services is surely the best way to support job seekers. I will recommend Oriental Career to you!

Allan Bhakus

December 20, 2021

We love these tools! they stand by us to ensure we get quality applications

Peter Jermain

December 20, 2021

Excellent experience recruiting on oriental Career and you don't get that kind of expert advice from similar platforms

Donna Khalid

December 20, 2021

I had the pleasure of speaking with the founders to understand how to effectively use Oriental career. They have genuine interest in their users and I wish them well