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Tips for Having a Successful Video Interview

Online video interviews are becoming significantly more common, or some may say, the new norm this year. This has made

Online video interviews are becoming significantly more common, or some may say, the new norm this year. This has made the interview process a lot more straightforward and convenient. However, it might be a little more challenging to connect with the person you are meeting for the first time. We want to make sure that you connect with the interviewer with these tips for a successful video interview. Make all the necessary preparations, and finally, sit back and enjoy your interview process smoothly!

The Basics for a Succesful Video Interview

Select an excellent and quiet location where you will not be interrupted by any noise. It is essential to have a stable internet connection and a functioning webcam on your laptop or computer. We recommend an internet connection with a bandwidth speed of at least one megabit per second. Make sure that the location for the interview has a neutral background color with sufficient lighting. Avoid having any visual mess in the background that can cause biased opinions about your character. Also, we suggest having the interview when you are alone in the house. It is also acceptable to be in a room where no one will pass by; or have a pet walking in front of your computer. These innocent mistakes can cause the interviewer or yourself to become distracted or feel stressed.

Feel Comfortable During the Process

Body language through a video call is as important as it is in a face to face interview. We want to connect well with the interviewer. To do this, we need to make sure that we can look directly into their eyes; or the camera directly instead of looking down into the computer. Place enough books underneath the computer for support; to level eye contact as you would have in a typical onsite interview. However, remember to direct your gaze into the webcam to give that eye to eye contact look.

Make sure to sit straight with your shoulders back, resting your arms on your lap or the desk. Try to avoid looking at yourself through your video image by minimizing it. This will let you focus on having eye contact throughout the conversation and avoid thinking about how you may look. When listening, nod your head and smile when appropriate to show full attention. Remember, feeling comfortable and avoiding any technical issues will help you relax and focus on your interview.

Appearance Still Matters

Just because you can do your interview in the comfort of your own home does not mean you ignore the rules for face to face interviews. Ensure to dress to impress for your interviewer – or at least from the waist up :). A lovely blouse with a blazer will look professional for women and show the interviewer that you will take the interview with seriousness. For men, collared buttoned shirts with sleeves, possibly a tie, depending on the company’s dress code. Make sure that your hair is tidy and well presented.

successful video interview preparation
Testing a successful video interview

Have Important Notes Ready

One outstanding advantage of being interviewed online is that you can have notes to ensure that we are hitting each point that we want to bring up during the interview. With online video interviews, You can make notes, which you can refer to while the interview is in session. This way, you can keep visual contact with the interviewer and still look at your virtual notes to ensure you do not forget anything important. On your notes, avoid having long sentences and only write down essential keywords.

Bring on Your Energy for A Successful Video Interview

Before your virtual video interview, it is a good idea to bring your spirits up. This is to ensure you answer questions cheerfully and with positive energy. You don’t want to seem unmotivated or uninterested during our interview. Try singing, doing a bit of exercise, or stretching a couple of hours before. Stretching will help to calm your nerves and to bring your energy level up. Since you cannot offer a proper handshake or interact in person during the interview, it is imperative to try your best to show an upbeat personality. Make sure to articulate well all that you need to say. Smile and be expressive and by just enjoying the overall experience. It will translate into an enjoyable and successful Video interview experience. Recruiters are looking for enthusiastic people that are excited about this potential new opportunity.

To achieve a successful Video Interview, Make Sure You Are Ready. 

To ensure that everything will run smoothly on your video interview, I recommend practicing your interview with a friend of your family. It is an opportunity to check how good your lighting is at your selected location. Also test, how well the person at the other end can hear you, and also comfortability.

With practice, you will start to feel more natural and comfortable communicating well in this type of setting. Before the interview, clear out your desk. Have a notebook and pencil ready in case you need to take any notes. A glass of water should be available. Close any unrelated tabs on your computer. Set your phone to silent, make any necessary adjustments to the lighting. Banish any pets or children, and finally, ensure that there will be no interruptions by alerting others and closing the door behind you.

Things Can Go Wrong in Virtual Interviews

Since we rely on our technical gear and might not be sitting in an office, something can go wrong during the interview. Therefore, we recommend that at the beginning of the interview, it is a good idea to ask the interviewer for their phone number if the internet gets disconnected.

If a sudden noise appears, you can apologize for the interruption and mute your audio until the noise subsides. For Visual distractions, the same steps can be applied, and turn off the camera until everything is back in order.

Let us know how was your experience with video call interviews. Do you have any tips on how to make the interview a great experience?

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