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Redox Careers

  • Wisconsin, United States, 2020 Eastwood Dr. Madison, WI 53704 View on Map


  • Founded Date October 25, 2021
  • Sectors Data ScienceHealthcare
  • Posted Jobs 0
  • Viewed 283
  • Founded Since 2014
  • Company Size 101-200
  • Employer Type Startup
  • Status Approved

Company Description

About Redox
Empathy. Empowerment. Efficiency.
Redox exists to improve healthcare by uniting patients and providers through easily accessible technology. Technology can dramatically improve healthcare. It helps healthcare organizations become more efficient. It gives patients more control of their healthcare experience. And when done right, technology removes distractions so providers can focus on what’s important: their patients.

Like Solving Complex Problems?
Exchanging healthcare data is much harder than it should be. Redox solves this problem while accelerating digital innovation in healthcare. We help power solutions in diabetes management, cancer treatment, care coordination and more. And we need your help!
The Challenge
Come help us set healthcare data free!
Support the Human Connection in Healthcare
As technologists, we have the power to facilitate something magical in the delivery of health care—that intimate moment when providers can harness insightful data, coupled with their medical expertise, to discover a solution for the patient. That’s the moment when technology can shine—as a graceful background accompaniment to an empathetic patient experience, helping providers perform better.
Fight Inefficiencies in Data Integration
Healthcare organizations are tasked with increasingly complex decisions about which technology they’ll adopt. To provide the best outcomes, everyone needs to work from the same data. When data doesn’t integrate between providers and technologies that make data more useful, providers aren’t the only ones who suffer from that inefficiency. Patients are missing the tools they need to manage their own health. Integration challenges between critical and innovative software applications inhibit healthcare experiences.
Redox provides an elegant, secure, and highly-scalable solution that eliminates these technical barriers. Join our battle cry to fight inefficiency as we invigorate the patient-provider relationship. Be part of the healthcare revolution and help us set the data free!

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